The Indigenous Certification Board of Canada grants professional certification to First Nations, Inuit and Metis practitioners working in addictions, mental wellness, community and family support and other non regulated allied occupations.


ICBOC accredits culturally competent, culturally safe education and training that match our certification standards and requirements, and that is developed and delivered by universities, colleges, training organizations and companies, training conferences, and independent trainers.


ICBOC provides information on education and training programs available nationwide in the fields related to its certifications and offers personal guidance on the training needed to satisfy its certification standards and requirements.


Brand New Certification Available for Workers in Diabetes

ICBOC is delighted to announce that a brand new certification is now available for workers in diabetes. For more information, just follow the link to http://icboc.ca/certification/icboc-certifications/diabetes-certifications/ On Thursday, November 14, 2019, at the...

ICBOC’s President Receives Prestigious ‘Excellence in Health Leadership Award’

The Indigenous Certification Board of Canada is proud to announce that Keith Leclaire, Board President and Director of Health Services, Mohawk Council of Akwesasne, Akwesasne First Nation was presented with the 4th Annual ‘Excellence in Health Leadership Award’ on...

Remembering Maurina Beadle, the Mi’kmaw woman who fought Canada on Jordan’s Principle and won

Maurina Beadle, a mother from Pictou Landing First Nation who took Canada to court over Jordan’s Principle and won in an effort to help her disabled son, has died. “Maurina was a special spirit. A beautiful mother. And a fighter who held the Canadian Government to...

About Us

ICBOC is a national Indigenous professional certification body that ensures the recognition and maintenance of indigenous workers occupations related to addictions and mental wellness as well as in other unregulated fields.