The Fall 2021 Virtual Canadian Indigenous Mental Health and Holistic Wellness Conference 

A joint initiative between ICBOC and Jack Hirose and Associates 

ICBOC encourages its Certified members, its partners and allies to support and participate in this first ever virtual national conference, organized in collaboration with Jack Hirose, President and CEO of Jack Hirose and Associates, to advance the Truth and Reconciliation’s calls for action.

Thanks to Jack Hirose committed support, this Indigenous-focused training conference will help to highlight some of the TRC’s important recommendations, in particular the call for Canadians to recognize the value of Aboriginal healing practices and to encourage cultural competency training for all health care professionals.

By including this initiative in his annual conferences offerings, Jack Hirose also responds to the TRC’s call upon the corporate sector in Canada to adopt the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a reconciliation framework and to apply its principles, norms, and standards to corporate policy and core operational activities involving Indigenous peoples (…)

For this pilot project, ICBOC has gathered a group of remarkable Indigenous professionals  who will share their expertise and cultural perspectives on Mental Health and Holistic Wellness with Indigenous and interested Canadian participants.

These presenters include:  Martin Brokenleg, Ed.D., Sandi Boucher, Denise Findlay, M.Ed., ACC, Michael DeMolina, Ph.D., MS., LPCS, CDCS, MAC, Sharon R. Baptiste BSW RSW MHT & Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux, Ph.D.

Complete information of this virtual conference, on the presenters and the cost is provided at


We are proud to have the opportunity to demonstrate, through these high caliber Indigenous professionals the leading-edge of Indigenous cultural approaches to health and healing.

We hope to see many of you register for and attend this truly unique opportunity to promote the legitimacy and effectiveness of Indigenous healing approaches. Registration will close on December 6, 2021. Once registered, recorded footage and all course content (certificate, videos, quiz) will be available until January 10, 2022.

Each hour of the webinars is worth 1.5 accredited hours.  

Take advantage of these ICBOC-certification relevant trainings at a special 20% off for ICBOC participants.  To be eligible for the discount, ICBOC members must register for courses on the website and use the promo code, “ICBOC20.”



On behalf of Jack Hirose and Associates and the Indigenous Certification Board of Canada (ICBOC), we would like to invite you to join us for the first ever Canadian Virtual Indigenous Mental Health and Holistic Wellness Conference planned for December 8, 2021. This conference is the first of many upcoming training initiatives planned in collaboration between Jack Hirose and Associates and the Indigenous Certification Board of Canada.

Once again we are grateful for the support of our main sponsors Sunshine Coast Health Centre and Georgia Strait Women’s Clinic. Sunshine Coast Health Centre is one of the top drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs in BC and Canada. Georgia Strait is a women’s-only facility and brings together the collective expertise of highly-trained, experienced professionals to serve women struggling with their mental health.  Jack Hirose and Associates is proud to have aligned with both organizations that support and value quality training for mental health professionals.

We are grateful to all our guest presenters who graciously agreed to participate in the conference and share their expert knowledge as it relates to Indigenous mental health and holistic wellness. Our team of presenters will address an array of relevant topics including: intergenerational trauma; building resilience; living the medicine wheel; uniting mind, body, energy and spirit; healing the legacy effect; strengthening and healing the kinship circle; cultural beliefs and spirituality.

It is our hope that this conference will help all professionals who are interested in learning more about mental health and holistic wellness to better serve indigenous clients/students or other populations. We hope you can join us for this very special event!

Jack Hirose, M.A.

President and CEO

Jack Hirose and Associates



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Progress on the Calls for Action:,serving%20as%20a%20barometer%20for%20Canada%E2%80%99s%20reconciliation%20progress


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