Board Member: Marlene Swears

Hello I am Marlene Swears. I am Metis from Manitoba. I was seventeen when my family moved to Williams Lake BC. I married and raised two children. I now have two grandchildren. I am 63 years of age. Two years ago my husband passed away.  I have spent many years in this province.  I’ve prospered in many areas. I’ve always held an interest in education from my own two children to many others. My first goal in Metis politics was to get education for our people. I spent off and on thirty years getting people into education. I just recently attained a diploma in chemical addictions. I’ve just thrown my hat into running for Metis regional director for Metis Nation BC. I will see if a new door will open for me and how to further advance our people. I was honored to be accepted into the position of being a board member for the Indigenous Certification Board of Canada. I value the work they have done and are doing for our peoples.