Many Indigenous communities throughout Canada are affected by a rising rate of diabetes, while dealing with a lack of access to health care and the impact of colonization. Many Indigenous health centres, organizations and programs throughout Canada provide a range of diabetes support services to communities with individuals and families affected by diabetes.

These services offer culturally-focused education services and programs for the prevention, management and treatment of diabetes.  The unregulated workers who deliver these services and programs are committed to promote diabetes awareness, to implement prevention strategies and to assist individuals and families affected with diabetes to manage the disease. They support the patient care delivery, coordination and education work provided by other health professionals.

ICBOC offers certifications to program-based workers who are involved in the administration and delivery of services in diabetes Foot Care, Wellness and Knowledge, respectively providing support in diabetes care management, prevention and education. ICBOC also offers a certification as Team Leaders in Diabetes Program Services.

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Team Leader in Diabetes Services

Diabetes Program Supervisor (Certification available in 2021)