The Certified Indigenous Diabetes Community Support Coordinator (CID-CSC) is a certification carrying a wider range of tasks, and higher degree of responsibility, than those of a diabetes community support worker. The standards and requirement for this certification reflect the deepened competencies needed to respond to a larger range of needs from a diverse clientele (age, gender, socioeconomic circumstances etc.) either living with diabetes or at risk.


The roles of a Certified Indigenous Diabetes Community Support Coordinator, as an important member of a community health team, are outlined in the position description of the applicant, but usually include:

  • Fostering awareness in the nature of diabetes, its risks and impacts,
  • Organizing prevention activities
  • Providing self-management support for individuals and families living with diabetes.
  • Referring individuals and families living with diabetes to professional who can provide the care and treatment they need
  • Coordinating and facilitating educational activities in schools and in the community
  • Carrying out other duties and other responsibilities expected by the employer and documented in the description

The ICBOC vertical laddering certification system provide an opportunity to Certified Indigenous Addictions Specialists at level lII or to professionals who fulfill all the standards and requirements of this certification to upgrade their professional certification instead of being limited to renewing their certification at the same level. They can direct their professional development toward honing their knowledge and skills in topics of particular interest to them.

The experience, education and training required to obtain the Level IV – RG certification can be acquired over time: there is no restriction as to the number of years an applicant takes to reach this level of certification.