ICBOC has negotiated a virtual training conference program delivered by our approved trainers and aimed exclusively at Indigenous workers in the addictions and mental wellness field.  This is a unique opportunity to participate in a remunerated initiative that will assist workers in obtaining accredited online trainings in support of their certification and recertification.  

ICBOC-JHA Virtual Training conference

ICBOC-Approved Trainer Registration Form

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, there is currently a great need for online training, especially for our certified members who need to complete training hours for the renewal of their certifications. We have therefore sought and found a way to assist both our members and the trainers whose training we approved and registered.

We have negotiated an Indigenous virtual training conference program with Jack Hirose and Associates, a well-known and reputable company that has been offering training conferences to mental health and education professionals throughout Canada and the United States since 1998.

In accordance with our professional and cultural standards the training will be delivered by our approved trainers and is aimed exclusively at Indigenous workers in the addictions and mental wellness field. 

This registration form is only to assist ICBOC in compiling a list of approved and registered trainers interested in participating as facilitators in the Indigenous virtual conferences that will be set up at different times during the year. We encourage you to also complete our short survey at

If you have already converted your accredited in-person training to an online format and are interested in this remunerated opportunity to offer your training to workers in communities on a nation-wide level, please complete the registration form. 

There is no cost to register your name on ICBOC’s list.  ICBOC does not have any involvement in the remuneration of selected facilitators. Facilitators negotiate their remuneration directly with Jack Hirose and Associates.

We are looking for training in the form of 3-hour webinars. ICBOC’s accreditation of this online training is also free of charge, but information on the training must be submitted. 4 CEUs will be granted for each webinar, in recognition of the high level of cultural competence that our trainers bring to their training.

Please complete and send the registration form below to 

ICBOC-Approved Trainer Registration Form