The Certified Indigenous Client Support Addictions Worker (CICSAW) certification is for workers who are responsible for the supervision, support, and safety of clients, and in certain cases the client’s family, including their children, as they participate in a healing program in an addiction and/or in mental wellness treatment centre or community based service. The client support worker oversees the activities of their clients and assumes responsibility for the entre and clients during out of business hours.

Client support workers generally work shifts (rotating: days, evenings, nights, weekends). Part-time client support workers are required to be available for work at immediate notice.

Laddering opportunities:

The ICBOC horizontal laddering certification system allows certified Indigenous client support Addictions workers to switch their certification to that of certified Indigenous addictions wellness and addictions workers or that of certified Indigenous addictions prevention workers : the applicant’s existing experience, knowledge and skills will be transferred and counted towards the new certification. It is, however, mandatory to satisfy all the standards and requirements of the new certification, in particular in terms of the core functions.

More information about this certification is available by clicking on the links below, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance or further information.


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