In consideration of the qualifications and competencies required for this position, the Certified Indigenous Diabetes Program Knowledge Services Coordinator (CID-WSC) is offered at level II and III.

Please note that Level III standards and requirements also apply to a Program Knowledge Services Manager position.

These certifications are for workers responsible for the overall creation and maintenance of a knowledge programming that is comfortable, supportive and based on values of efficiency, efficacy, sharing and respect. Their main role is to develop and deliver training to front line workers in Indigenous communities in diabetes prevention and healthy lifestyles, in response to community needs. They have a supervisory function and are responsible for leading and motivating a team.

The responsibilities and duties generally include

  • Developing curriculum, training plans and resources adapted to a front line worker’s audience, with emphasis on culturally relevant content
  • Maintaining and updating training for front line health workers and community members
  • Facilitating workshops
  • Coordinating Elders, facilitators, speakers, etc.
  • Monitoring the overall progress of the program towards capacity building
  • Compiling, storing and disseminating relevant trainings, resources, data and current information from both a Traditional perspective as well as mainstream perspective, as required by the communities served
  • Ensuring workers and community members’ compliance with internal and external standards of practice, cultural, legislative and regulatory obligations.
  • Meeting work plan and strategic plan objectives
  • Staying abreast of current research and, when required, share this information to trainees as well other program/organization’s staff
  • Exploring potential partnerships for the articulation of further certifications
  • Researching current Diabetes education programs/institutions
  • Supervising the Knowledge program staff/team
  • Preparing program up-dates, data reports, annual reports, work plans and budgets as required
  • Overseeing budget and process payables

The ICBOC Vertical Laddering Certification System allows Certified Indigenous Diabetes Program Knowledge Services Coordinators at level II to upgrade their certification to another higher certification at level III, when they meet the work experience standards and training/Education requirements for that certification level. This can be achieved over time by the accumulation of training hours and years of practice acquired through recertification. Level III standards and requirements also apply to a Program Knowledge Services Manager position.

The ICBOC Horizontal Laddering Certification System allows Certified Indigenous Diabetes Community Services Coordinators to switch their certification to that of another certification at an equivalent level. Existing experience, knowledge and skills will be transferred and counted towards the new certification, so that an applicant does not have to start from scratch to obtain the new certification.