The Certified Indigenous Diabetes Program Foot Care Coordinator (CID-FCC) certification is for workers responsible for implementing foot care events and networking with other staff within a program or organization’s departments, with service providers, community partners, and relevant stakeholders, for the provision of the program’s services. CID-FCC are involved in the planning and delivery of foot care clinics and events, in liaising with and coordinating foot care clinics hosts, clinicians, Indigenous practitioners, community partners and clients as well as interdepartmental networking within the organization.


Responsibilities and duties might include

  • Approving and processing service requests according to program/organizational policies
  • Collaborating with all key players while planning and during all events and clinics
  • Processing, registering and updating service provider’s files
  • Working closely with supervisor to ensure fiscal work plan is complete
  • Attending large guest speaking events, conferences and forums in relation to diabetes and foot care when needed
  • Attending outreach events when required to ensure program/organizational protocols, priorities and privacy procedures are followed by staff, host, contract workers and all stake holders involved.
  • Assisting in the planning and preparation of events when required, while being able to lift and transport large display boards and resources
  • Overseeing and monitoring budget and administrative duties in an orderly manner to ensure program/organizational adherence to patient confidentiality
  • Monitoring program staff to ensure the program’s policies and criteria are followed when providing services
  • Conducting staff performance reviews
  • Maintaining contacts, calendars, time sheets, expense claims and database of information in order to supply reports at regular intervals
  • Providing quarterly reports to supervisor
  • Representing the organization at all functions in a professional manner and with respect to its mandate, mission statement and values
  • Reporting to Supervisor any concerns as well as success stories
  • Performing other duties and responsibilities designated by the Executive Director
  • Contributing in a community health team by assisting in fostering awareness in the nature of diabetes, its risks and impacts
  • Collaborating in prevention activities and
  • Providing self-management support for individuals and families living with diabetes

The ICBOC Vertical Laddering Certification System allows Certified Indigenous Diabetes Community Support Workers to upgrade their certification to that of Certified Indigenous Diabetes Community Support Coordinators when they meet the work experience standards and training/Education requirements for that certification level. This can be achieved over time by the accumulation of training hours and years of practice acquired through recertification.

The ICBOC Horizontal Laddering Certification System allows Certified Indigenous Diabetes Community Support Workers to switch their certification to that of another certification at an equivalent level. Existing experience, knowledge and skills will be transferred and counted towards the new certification, so that an applicant does not have to start from scratch to obtain the new certification.