Certification Switch Form

Certification Transfer Form

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Some ICBOC certified members may change their job or be promoted to another position, and wish to acquire a certification that better fits their new employment.  The ICBOC professional certification system facilitates switches to other certifications by transferring the applicant’s existing experience, knowledge and skills and apply them against the standards and requirements of the new certification.  

Candidates who wish to obtain a certification switch will need to submit the application documents pertaining to the new certification. However it is not necessary to resend the training/education certificates that are transferrable and that already are in the applicant’s file. Only the relevant education/training certificates acquired since the issue of the initial certification are required.  Once the certification switch has been granted, the same process applies for renewal and upgrade. Please contact the ICBOC office if you have any question.

The Indigenous Certification Board of Canada recognizes the credentials granted by other certification Boards. Applicants who are already certified with other certification Boards and who wish to add an ICBOC certification can do so through a simplified transfer application  process. The standards and requirements, as well as the titles and levels offered by other boards may be different from those of the ICBOC. Before you apply for the recognition of the certification granted by another certification board, and to learn about the ICBOC equivalencies, please contact the Registrar’s office.   



To apply for this option, candidates will need to complete and submit the Certification Transfer Application form and demonstrate, by including his/her certificate from the other board, that he/she is still in good standing with that board. An expired certificate will not be accepted. 

A candidate whose certificate from another board has expired and who wish to be certified by our organization must submit a complete ICBOC certification application. Please note that the recognition of a certification granted by another Board is a one-way option offered by the ICBOC. Its objective is to optimize career opportunities for indigenous workers. The ICBOC reserves the right to require applicants to submit some additional documents or a complete application.


A certified member who has obtained his/her ICBOC certification through a certification transfer application must renew this certification every two (2) years. In addition to the documents verifying forty (40) hours of required training, he/she must submit the following: 

  • Supervisor’s evaluation form
  • Professional letter of reference
  • Employers Letter of Declaration Regarding Applicants Criminal Record Checks
  • Wellness plan
  • ICBOC Code of Ethics, signed and dated’

Application Package for the Recertification of Transferred Applicants


A certified member who has obtained his/her ICBOC certification through a certification transfer application and who wishes to obtain a certification upgrade must submit a complete application for the level of certification requested.