Accreditation Information

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ICBOC accredits training and education programs (ie. Certificates and diplomas) offered by colleges and sometimes by universities, as well as training offered by companies, organisations, institutes, conferences and independent trainers who fulfill ICBOC accreditation criteria.

This type of accreditation, focused on the training provided by educational institutions, training companies or organisations should not be confused with the institutional accreditation granted by institutional accreditation bodies, for example the two main Canadian bodies, CARF (, Accreditation Canada ( and the Canadian Accreditation Council (

These three organisations offer institutional accreditation to health and wellness services providers, including those providing services to clients with addiction issues.

ICBOC accredits training and education programs to ensure they meet the standards sets for our certifications, so that the graduates of these programs can obtain their certification with ICBOC (provided they meet the work experience requirements) We have developed a culturally-based accreditation process for educational institutions, training companies and agencies, service agencies involved in the wellness and addiction field as well as for NNADAP training. When assessing these kinds of training opportunities, ICBOC not only considers the relevance of training against our training/education standards but also verifies that the training is conceived, planned, delivered, and evaluated with First Nations input, thus enhancing the cultural competence and safety of this training. Accreditation of training through ICBOC serves to demonstrate a level of excellence in providing culturally appropriate education/training to First Nations learners.


ICBOC accredits:

  • Certificate and diploma programs offered by college and sometimes by universities
  • Programs, workshops and other types of training sessions offered by training companies
  • Training offered by independent trainers
  • Training offered by organizations involved in the wellness and addiction field, including training offered through conferences hosted by these organisations
  • NNADAP training offered through conferences and NNADAP funded services

We register individuals who deliver training for the entities listed above or who work as independent trainers. Any trainers wishing to be registered with ICBOC should contact our Registrar at