Brand New Certification Available for Workers in Diabetes

ICBOC is delighted to announce that a brand new certification is now available for workers in diabetes. For more information, just follow the link to

On Thursday, November 14, 2019, at the annual event entitled “Honouring Our Traditional Foods,” which took place at the Mohawk Community Centre, Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, the Indigenous Diabetes Health Circle (IDHC) became the first diabetes organization to achieve certification status for its training programs by the Indigenous Certification Board of Canada (ICBOC). The very first certificate, acknowledging his many years of work in the field, was presented to Elder Robert Fenton at the event.

“I accept this award on behalf of my Grandmother. I would not be standing here but because of her guidance, support, encouragement and most importantly her love. Even though she moved to the Spirit World many years ago, she continues to guide, support, encourage and most importantly share her love with me.
She is the reason that I do what I do for diabetes and I will continue to do this work until I meet her again in the Spirit World and hear her say “Good work, my Grandson”.”

ICBOC’s President Receives Prestigious ‘Excellence in Health Leadership Award’

The Indigenous Certification Board of Canada is proud to announce that Keith Leclaire, Board President and Director of Health Services, Mohawk Council of Akwesasne, Akwesasne First Nation was presented with the 4th Annual ‘Excellence in Health Leadership Award’ on November 6th, at the 9th Annual First Nations Health Managers Association’s National Conference in Montreal.

Keith was selected by the FNHMA in partnership with the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI) as the recipient of this prestigious award, designed to recognize those who have exhibited a sincere and long-term commitment as well as leadership in First Nations health management in Canada.

ICBOC board members and staff join all those who know Keith long personal and professional journey in fostering and consolidating Indigenous initiatives in community development, capacity building, management, policy analysis, evaluation and interpersonal relations. Keith looks forward to continue strengthening the partnerships between First Nation communities, provincial, federal and other Non-Government Organizations in the ongoing work to reduce and eliminate addictions and enhance health and wellness within First Nation communities.

Posted by First Nations Health Managers Association on Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Remembering Maurina Beadle, the Mi’kmaw woman who fought Canada on Jordan’s Principle and won

Maurina Beadle, a mother from Pictou Landing First Nation who took Canada to court over Jordan’s Principle and won in an effort to help her disabled son, has died.

“Maurina was a special spirit. A beautiful mother. And a fighter who held the Canadian Government to account. She helped change the reality for Indigenous families impacted by Jordan’s Principle.”

Read the full article published by here: Remembering Maurina Beadle


On Thursday, November 14, 2019, at the annual event entitled “Honouring Our Traditional Foods,” taking place at the Mohawk Community Centre, Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, the Indigenous Diabetes Health Circle (IDHC) is pleased to announce its most recent history-making program development. IDHC becomes the first diabetes organization to achieve certification status for its training programs by the Indigenous Certification Board of Canada (ICBOC). For more information, visit




TO ALL ICBOC POTENTIAL AND EXISTING CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS: Are you interested in continuing on your professional development toward a career in Health Management? If yes, let us know about it and we will give you the information you need.

As sister and partner organizations, sharing the same vision of a confident, qualified and effective Indigenous workforce leading to healthy, vibrant and prosperous families and communities, the Indigenous Certification Board of Canada and the First Nations Health Managers Association have established a bridge between their two certification systems. This reciprocity initiative offers a innovative career continuum to ICBOC certified workers, based on a capacity development model responding to their needs and aspirations.

Two routes are offered to ICBOC-certified unregulated workers to take advantage of this initiative and to progress toward a career in health management:
1. At any time, ICBOC applicants or certified workers can register for ICBOC’s Management Track program (MTP). They can attend and complete FNHMA courses, which are all accredited by ICBOC, and apply the training hours towards their ICBOC certification, recertification or upgrades. The information on these completed courses are saved separately in their ICBOC file for future use towards enrolment in the FNHMA certification process.
2. Certified members who have obtained their ICBOC Specialist certification at level IV, as Clinical Supervisor or Team Leader can apply to FNHMA and ask to have their training portfolio evaluated in order to find out if some of these trainings can be considered as equivalent to those offered by FNHMA. FNHMA provides guidance to candidates as to what measures they must take to enrol in the FNHMA certification process.

If you wish to know more about the ICBOC-FNHMA Management Track Program (MTP) or to register, please give us a call at 1 604 874 7425

A milestone in Indigenous, state relations

Thursday October 24th 2019.

Dirk Meissner writes for Star Metro Vancouver

VICTORIA – British Columbia is set to become the first province to introduce human rights legislation to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples ensuring Indigenous Peoples are full participants in all aspects of the province.

Grand Chief Ed John of the First Nations Summit says the legislation will redefine historical relations between BC and Aboriginal Peoples.

Among other things the declaration says Indigenous peoples have the right to determine their political status and pursue economic, social and cultural development; ‘a milestone in Indigenous, state relations.’

‘Doing Politics Differently’

Thursday October 24th 2019

Laura Kane writes for Star Metro Vancouver

Jody Wilson-Raybould is the latest MP to sit as an Independent in the Commons.

Citing electoral reform and Indigenous reconciliation as her priorities, how is Wilson-Raybould going to reach her goals in Parliament? She plans to support progressive legislation and attempt to improve or oppose bills that are not strong enough. Wilson-Raybould says, ‘It is important that we look at the nature of politics and how decisions are made,’ stating that members of Parliament should not be responsible to the prime minister or their party leader or unelected people in the Prime Minister’s Office.

2020 ICBOC National Awards

We are very happy to announce that we are now receiving nominations for the 2020 ICBOC National Awards!

Below you will find links to two documents. A nomination form along with a document that outlines the process for receiving a nomination. We urge you to share this information with your immediate Supervisor or Program Director.

Nominations must be received by Monday December 9th, 2019.

Fax – 604.874.7426

Email –

Mail – 207, 2735 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V5K 1Z8

Nomination Review Process

All nomination forms must be received at the main office of ICBOC in Vancouver British Columbia by Wednesday December 9th for the 2020 ICBOC National Awards.

The Award Review Panel shall consist of the Executive Director, the Registrar and Director of Standards, and the Board President, or her/his designate chosen from the rest of the board members.

The Executive Director and Registrar and Director of Standards review all nominations and make further enquiries as they deem necessary. Each candidate shall be asked for a copy of their latest criminal records check.  If this check is more than three years old, a new one will be requested.

The direct supervisor of each candidate may be contacted after their letter of recommendation has been reviewed.  The staff will then provide a short list of 3 candidates for each award. This short list will then be sent to each board member for review.  Board members may choose to share their comments with the Award Review Panel, and may decide to recommend a particular individual, which they will send via email to the admin office of ICBOC.

The Award Review Panel will examine the nomination forms and reference letters of all those candidates short-listed, and also review any comments offered by other board members.  A vote will be taken, and a majority (2 of 3) shall decide, within 6 weeks of the nomination closing date.

Announcement of Winners

The winners of our National Awards will be notified by email. ICBOC provides each winner with a cheque for $500. The winner’s names, and if they agree, their photo, will be posted on our website. The Indigenous national media will receive a press release announcing the recipients of the awards.  The employer of each of the recipients will also be notified by email.

ICBOC will make every effort to present the awards, at a conference or other event located in the province of the recipients, within 90 days of the announcement.

We look forward to receiving your nominations!


Process for Receiving Nominations for the ICBOC National Awards

ICBOC Award Nomination Form


Board of Directors Opening

On October 1, 2019 there will be an opening on the Board of Directors of the Indigenous Certification Board of Canada. We would like to invite Indigenous people from across the country to apply to become a member of our Board. If you feel you have the time, experience and national contacts, to assist ICBOC in expanding our services across the Indigenous workforce in Canada, please forward a brief letter (or email) expressing your interest, what you feel you could bring to the position, along with your resume to:

We would like to thank all those who express interest. Unfortunately, we only have one opening at this time.

Please note that the position is voluntary. There will be no remuneration attached to this role.